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Contract Manufacturing

ChipLogic Inc. provides contract manufacturing services to enhance and expand it's customers' manufacturing and engineering capabilities. By leveraging our core competencies in manufacturing, and engineering, we develop, manage and implement a scalable production environment to augment your existing production capacity. Combine this with a fast turnaround, and you can see why we are the logical solution.
ChipLogic, Inc. Manufacturing Facility

Made in the USA
Many companies
are moving their manufacturing base off-shore to save money. These facilities, if you can find one that will work on quantities below 10,000 pieces, are generally inconsistent in quality. What starts off as acceptable quality, quickly changes as materials are changed without approval. It takes a long time and commitment to bring these places up to speed and usually requires multiple visits if not a permanent residence.  We are the cost effective alternative to off-shore manufacturing without the associated high minimum quantities.

Core Competencies
ChipLogic's contract manufacturing capabilities include:
Epoxy Screen, Die Bond, Wire Bond, Package Insert, Pull Test, Numerous Inspections, Electrical Test, Seal, Mark, and Hermeticity.