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Welcome to ChipLogic Inc.
Designer and Manufacturer of Microelectronic Components

chipsChipLogic Inc. is the new source for all your microelectronic needs! We offer many alternatives to existing technology with improved circuit performance over conventional circuitry. The final product is a hermetically sealed, environmentally screened module that will yield significant board space and out perform your existing solution!

Custom: Our engineering team will design a custom hybrid circuit specifically to meet your needs. Best of all, our design-to-build times are the fastest in the industry, which makes us the logical choice for all of your microelectronic needs.

Contract Manufacturing: ChipLogic offers an affordable alternative to in-house manufacturing. Our fully automated line and low overhead allows us to manufacture hybrid circuits at a reduced cost.

Part Obsolescence: Obsolescence issues are a growing problem as legacy designs are resurrected from the past. The cost of a new design can be prohibitive. ChipLogic can approach this issue with two alternate solutions. We may be able to locate the product in die form and package it in the form of your choice, or we can design a similar device using hybridizing techniques to create a form, fit, and function replacement.